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The concern with defence is apparent here as the draughtsman has included the beacon network of the area. Due to their height these could also be used as vantage points.

Locations of battery's or arsenal stores are recorded by a group of three triangles. This was one of the defences built to defend the coast after Francis I of France and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain signed a peace treaty in 1538, making an invasion of England by their combined forces probable.

Mount Caburn and Firle Beacon, are indicated to the central left of this drawing.

This plan of the Sussex coast from Fairlight to Rye Bay is made up of two separate sheets of paper joined together, with detail extending over the joins.

Information is recorded in a secretary hand with the title and place names in italic..

This plan of the South Downs coastline runs from Newhaven Harbour at the bottom left to Pevensey Bay at the bottom right.

Raids on transatlantic shipping by English seamen such as Francis Drake and England’s support of the Protestant rebellion in the Spanish ruled Netherlands inflamed matters further and the Catholic Philip II was induced to invade.

The survey is drawn in ink and colour washes on vellum, and features descriptions of coastal locations.

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