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It was a female researcher on The One Show who complained of some unspecified "behaviour" from presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli.And of course, in the England midfielder Frank Lampard, Bleakley has hardly found herself an obscure companion.This isn't worthy of its prime-time slot on BBC One. The show is a mish-mash of various things, most of which are trivial, silly or dull.It often quickly switches from a serious topic to a light-hearted or silly one (or vice versa) - which makes for uncomfortable continuity. Adrian Chiles and Matt Baker are boring; Christine Lampard is patronising and annoying."It is not that I don't like Christine, I think she's very good," she continues, "but I think that Adrian is outstanding.A brilliant pro." And lest we forget, of course, Chiles and Bleakley's chemistry was once widely rumoured to be more than televisual after both of their long-term relationships ended, and then they were seen out rather frequently in each other's company.Yet there is also something undeniably warm and uncynical about The One Show, and the time for such an outlook may well have come."We went through a very sombre phase where, if we were talking about real life, we had to do so in very earnest and gloomy tones," says Rantzen.

Chiles is said to be outraged, and his contract is nearly up . Which does rather raise the question: how did that happen?

Bleakley, meanwhile, demonstrates the value of being likable rather than outright charismatic.

Together, in other words, they have nailed "approachable".

Though, as Rantzen points out proudly, they were not the first.

"There were always people laughing in the background when I did Nationwide," she says.

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