Shinhwa dating rumors

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– Jae calls Sungjin “Bob” because Jae says he looks like Bob the builder. – Before joining Day6, he would often post song covers to You Tube. – He gets sad when Sungjin doesn’t answer his questions (he asks things like: “are you a bear?

– Sungjin actually appeared in an episode of Hidden Singer in season two where he competed against JYP himself to see who sounded most like JYP. His You Tube channel: yellowpostitman – His hobby is playing badminton. – During middle school his dream wasn’t to be a singer, but a basketball player. ”, so Sungjin doesn’t know how to answer) – Good friends with Jinyoung of Got7. live) – Dowoon’s ideal type: girls with pretty smiles.

Even when we were filming, the wrong answer tended to come to mind first.

Of course there were times when I did it just for fun." Aside from her works with Secret, she also became active in acting, modelling and frequently participating in variety shows.

Being a group that has been together for over 15 years, these six men have really been through a lot. Entertainment (their former agency) wanted to renew their contracts not as but as solo artists, they could have accepted the offer if they really wanted to earn more.

I particularly admire and love how they stood by each other’s sides through their most difficult times. But no, they decided to leave the company as a group instead because they wanted to continue working together.

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In 2012, for the year end SBS Gayo Daejeon show, SBS created four idol super groups, a fan vote placed Han into the group designated Mystic White, the group working with producer Kim Do-hoon, created the song "Mermaid Princess" the profits of which was donated to charity."I have somewhat of a wacky and laid back personality, and especially when I'm on set, I think I naturally become the "White Paper" character.

As the eldest child, she took care of her younger siblings by cooking them food and tutoring them when both of their parents had to work.

During the East Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, Han's family struggled and recalled that her dream of being an entertainer was getting dim.

However, after seeing one of Bo A's performances on television, she realized her dream was singing and dancing.

due to false rumors, they thought she was a JYP trainee; Han admitted she became afraid of people because of the jealous stares.

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