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I traveled around the world, observing, eating and interacting with people in the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

When I returned to the US, I continued my education at Florida International University in Miami, studying communications, because I wanted to write and share my knowledge..I got restless again and moved to Colorado where I started studying science and biology to get more in depth into how the body and food interconnect.

I never thought I'd write a book about healthy eating, but after Whole Foods market contacted me a year into my blog because a store employee credited me for her remarkable weight loss (she lost 50 pounds), I got really serious about learning and sharing the concepts I had been applying to my cooking that had made such an impact on my own health. Reducing your intake of gluten - and other tough to digest proteins - can have a big impact on your waistline, your energy levels and your ability to digest food and break down fat..MORE IMPORTANTLY, learning to properly prepare your food is what will have the biggest effect. Whole grains can actually cause digestive issues when improperly prepared.

Grains contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid, a phosphorous bound compound that binds to important minerals (like zinc, magnesium, iron and copper) in our stomach as it passes through, blocking their absorption.

I wasn't always very sure of myself, and I wanted to be.

I wanted to learn more and be more confident and make the best choices I could. I grew up doing gymnastics and ballet, and I enjoy a multitude of fitness styles.

My sort of crazy all over the place journey with my education was really influenced by what was going on in my personal life.

The more I learned about food and nutrition - especially in school - the more confused I got about how to eat! In small amounts, it may be fine, but by and large, people eat a ton of foods that contain it.

One of my daily affirmations is "I am compassionate with myself and others" because I believe that to be in integrity I must practice on myself the things I talk about and tell others.Like I wanted to BE a total rockstar in the kitchen, have a healthy body and live a life of integrity and purpose. So just know that while I may be THE Betty Rocker, YOU are a Betty Rocker too, and you can ROCK in any way you choose. It was my racing clients who first started asking me for more a nutrition plan, and the amazing results they got that initially inspired me to write As a C. I've lived and worked in Alaska, traveled all over the world - but my all time favorite place is yet to be determined! I learned pretty traditional baking and cooking methods growing up - and we had a garden and shopped at the co-op so I got to appreciate the value of good quality food from an early age.To me, every time I said that name, it felt like I was leaning into the best version of myself, and something that connected me to all the other women out there who were also striving to grow, transform, evolve, thrive and ROCK their life. My primary focus at Tufts University (which I attended on af full academic scholarship - I felt very fortunate! I left college to travel and pursue hands-on learning, because I just could not seem to sit in the classroom for very long!I was interested to see how my very nonathletic, anti-normal-fun-kid-stuff kids would do. Wall climbing wall, dodge ball courts, basketball courts, a giant floor made of trampolines complete with trampoline walls!It took them some time and a few laps around the place for the kids get into the groove of things.

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