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‘Coming to the UK has brought me nothing but unhappiness,’ she admits. I feel disappointed after the stories I was told in Nepal about how perfect everything would be.

‘I expected a house, money to spend from your Government, a job sewing or in a shop.

Miss Lumley’s father was an officer with the 6th Gurkha Rifles, and she turned the Gurkha Justice Campaign into what many saw as a triumph.

At the local college, entire classes are made up of teenagers from Gurkha families taking crash courses in their new mother tongue.She greets me in the Nepalese manner, her head slightly bowed and her tiny hands pressed together, before reciting Mr Rai’s old Army number - 21147670 - off by heart.Behind her head are signs warning fellow inhabitants of her digs not to take drugs and to scrub the bath after use. What a mistake she, and thousands of others, made in believing what they were told - that a land of milk and honey awaited them.It completely failed to take into account what would happen afterwards.’And he told me yesterday: ‘What has happened to the Gurkhas is cruel.They were, to an extent, duped.’So how big is the influx?

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