Naeun and taemin really dating websites

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i would love it if taem and naeun actually started dating.when he was recently asked on radio how much he liked naeun, you could see him rack his brains to figure out the best possible answer that would offend the least amount of people (and then said 100% hee).lol like when they were on yoo inna's radio show, instead of saying they dont meet outside of shoots, he says it's cuz he's busy all the time ahhahashe's been pretty good...I mean, she saw him talk about his dating life in elementary school and didn't bring it up after.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been filming ”We Got Married’ and I’ve been able to experience things here and there.

kwanghee recently said on human condition he did have feelings for sunhwa at the time of filming, and they're pushing the 'real life' bent more seriously this series so more contact off camera.

you can see taem's real self between his awkwardly delivered lines and they're just so cute urgh.

I've been an avid supporter of this two lovely couple... I hope they will have more than 50 episodes on WGM!

Because that what makes them more human than not...

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