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Exclusively for the over 25s, you can release your inner retro raver with prizes rewarded for the best outfit.

The Love shack be opening in Lewisham’s Sahara Building on September 8 with free entry before 10pm.

Just confirms how much some of them support the idea of having a beta provider husband to pay the bills and take care of (the other guy's) kids while they fool around some jerk.

I'd suggest focusing on improving your own game and lifestyle before worrying about 're-educating' naive people who may yet come to deeper wisdom in their own time.

I've seen quite a few cringeworthy topics by guys who've discovered their wife or girlfriend is cheating on them met with "advice" along the lines of "try to save your marriage" or "talk to a marriage counselor".

I've glanced over it and it looks pretty awful, more or less a haven of vanilla, politically correct, "feelings friendly" advice.

The party doesn’t stop as its Saturday Night Fever the next night where you can lose yourself in the sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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"Looking forward, we wish the new owners the best of luck for the future." Loveshack opened in 2007 and the venue underwent a substantial refurbishment last year, when My House, which offered daytime food and drinks, opened.

Oh god, I just randomly looked into dating, first topic title: Tinder girl doesn't understand why having a sexual partner while talking to me is bad I dont think I can survive more than a few minutes in that environment.

Honestly reading some of the threads here is ironically a good insight into the "red pill".

‘There are a lot of sad things happening in the world right now, so we wanted that something a little more colourful and upbeat to pick people back up, so we’re rolling back to some of the greatest music ever made,’ says Camron Cube is launching The Love Shack with business partner Hector Lazcano.

‘We felt like we were missing the good times a little bit.’ The Love Shack will housed on the top floor of the Sahara building, which has been a club since the 60s.

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