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“Ladder Theory” has been affecting my dating life as well.

It seems like women throw me on the friend ladder before I can do anything about it. Girls seem to want to keep nice guys around as friends and go after the assholes. If you do get stuck on the friend ladder, though, there’s always the possibility of the “ladder jump,” or to put yourself into consideration for sex.

It's not ladder dating theory at all, but even if it was, why would it imply that your male friends wouldn't care about your friendship? States that men and women can never be friends unless the man is gayis sober and finds the woman repulsive, or has another woman much higher on his ladder.

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If you are physically attractive to these people as well, there is a chance they'd want to sleep with you In this situation, Jane often wants to stay friends becasue you are so interesting and ladder dating theory or some shit like that.I can imagine how that conversation would go: Girl: Hey, so your friend is pretty cute. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / The Relationship Ladder Theory (3215 Views) If You Propose And She Says ' No', Is The Relationship Over?From there, you can see why men and women can’t be friends: the incompatibility of the friend ladder and a man’s ladder leave much to be desired on the man’s end. Of course, I don’t believe everything that the theory says.And I do believe that men and women can be friends as long as they aren’t attracted to each other. They’re all just low enough on my ladder that the possibility of my sleeping with them is minimal.

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