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But that has to be a rumor, because what’s not to love about Appleton?Of course, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to bail from the place where they grew up.She was a fitness freak, the opposite of her husband—a drinker, a smoker, an eater of fried foods. I needed that week."Ross had sacrificed two previous marriages to the wrestling gods, damaged his relationships with his daughters, driven himself to drinking and drugs.He had always figured he was destined to depart this earth first. In his time of need, surely, the business he loved would be there to lift him up and hold him steady? They were Renaissance men in my view, and I was young and impressionable.There was a spot waiting for him at the announcer's table for him at the main event too, a personal request from the legendary Undertaker, who wanted Ross to voice his final battle. Jan Ross was supposed to be there with him as he walked the red carpet.But even as Ross proved, once again, that he still has it—that he can still bring context to carnage—it all felt empty somehow. His wife loved Wrestle Mania weekend—the pomp, the chance to wear her beloved Louis Vuitton and, most importantly, a chance to see their extended wrestling family.

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Then one night in March, Jan was heading back from the gym on her Vespa.

If legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross had scripted his return to Wrestle Mania after a four-year exile, it wouldn't have gone much better.

Tens of thousands of fans stood as one to cheer him, welcoming him back into the fold.

But that night, a car didn't see her in the dark and she wasn't wearing a helmet. "We all knew that Jim was there because it was what Jan would have wanted, and it helped him to do what he does best: be in his element and be around people he knows love him," says announcer Jeremy Borash, who often opens for Ross on his one-man show. As friends and supporters, it was our job to comfort him and let him know it was OK to cry and he's got people who will cry right there with him. I was fresh off the farm, man."Ross may have technically grown up in the 1960s, a time of great unrest, uncertainty and civil uprising.

She was thrown from her vehicle as it caught fire."In an instant, that future was gone. Less than two weeks after the accident, he went to Orlando, to Wrestle Mania, to what he knows best."I had to do what I've done my whole life—roll my sleeves up and reassess my situation," says the 65-year-old Ross. I don't plan on becoming a hermit and sitting in a darkened room in my home with a clicker in my hand, channel-surfing."When I went to Wrestle Mania, it was very raw. "It was therapeutic for him to be there, as hard as it probably was."It wasn't just the show. I think it was the right place to be for him at that point."His first job in the wrestling business was babysitter—only the baby in question was 64 years old, blind as a bat and all too often hammered on his daily pint of whiskey. But in Westville, Oklahoma, you'd have hardly noticed.

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