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I told him how this problem I have will mean that when we get married I don't know that we can even make love for how much I hurt all the time. He has always fixed my situations along the way and continues to make things better for me. Scottsdale, Az After many visits to my OBGYN with no resolve I was relieved to finally be referred to Dr. I was in so much pain that I could not even have clothing touching my vagina without it being extremely uncomfortable. I could work out again, wear real clothes, go out in public without feeling in extreme pain and be intimate again with my husband comfortably. Fowler that I would never be "normal" or be without burning pain ever again.

This is "THE PRACTICE" women rave about from all across the country. Fowler"s practice after coming by his program online in a desperate search for some relief from vaginal pain, burning and discharge.

Typical training teaches physicians how to diagnose and threat just the 4 common types of vaginitis. Most gynecologists don't even have the more advanced diagnostic equipment to elucidate the spectrum vaginal micro-flora patterns. I was so stressed about what I was going to do to be able to enjoy my wedding night.

That's why so many of you are told your tissues look normal and the "tests" all come back normal too. experience the difference and true hope for resolution of symptoms. I went forward with the protocol and achieved amazing results.

Why do women come from so far away to get evaluated in Phoenix? I have been to many doctors and was told many different things over past few years. Frustrated and felt I was going insane, I began Dr.

Because they have heard of women with symptoms like them getting great results. The majority of vulvovaginal symptoms are caused by aberrations in the vaginal flora... Fowler's hypocontactant hygienic products 1 month prior to seeing him for the first time and already have achieved 30% relief of symptoms!

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