Disadvantages of carbon 14 dating

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He estimated that population growth would rise until it leveled off at a point where the number of births per year were five times that of the 1958 value.

Libby estimated that, by 1958, roughly 232 kilograms of carbon-14 had already been released due to bomb testing.

Clearly Pauling was very concerned about carbon-14 fallout, but this worry wasn’t shared by a majority of his peers.

Nonetheless, later attempts to find fault with his calculations proved inconclusive, and Pauling’s argument that carbon-14 added significantly to the dangers of radioactive fallout remained an important contribution to the continuing debate over nuclear weapons tests.

Based on these numbers as well as estimates for radiation dosages published by James F.

Crow, a member of the joint NAS-NRC Committee on Genetic Effects of Atomic Radiation, Pauling determined that one’s exposure to carbon-14 over the entire lifetime of the isotope is actually four times higher than what had normally been assumed for worldwide fallout.

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