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I work 2 good jobs & a online business, have my own place & a car very blessed to have what i need but even more thankful for what i have! The type of person that values life in a way that most dont. Im a home body 4 days out the week i love being at home i mean whats better than sitting back relaxing in your own crib watching movies, getting your sip on, cooking and minding your own business??

Tuesdays are my wings day at frickers/movie day at the Greene.

I enjoy taking a long walk; going to the beach, fishing, playing pool, sport and I like anything that has to do with the enjoyment of water or listening to the waves of the beach along side with a cool music...

Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Ottawa?

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My weekends are never really planned bc i constantly live in the moment and rather things come together as i me a sexy women with a good attitude im a sucker for sweethearts!My life has been a roller coaster every time it goes down it comes right back up.. They consider me different bc im not your typical, i think & act outside the box!I'm here to meet new people and develop friendships...Hopefully, that will grow into something long term. I've never been afraid to pursue my goals and have always..

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