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The company changed its name in 1995 to SBC Communications, Inc and again in 2005 to AT&T, Inc after acquiring its former parent company, AT&T Corp.

The newly merged company adopted the iconic AT&T logo and T (for “telephone”) stock-trading symbol.

The company continues to operate using two distinct wireless network technologies, CDMA and i DEN (for Nextel and some Boost Mobile sub­scribers).

BT customers pay 19p every time they call a mobile, along with 7.5p a minute, while Plus Net customers pay 13p a minute to call a mobile.Sprint Nextel launched its first Wi MAX wireless device on 21 December 2008 (the Franklin Wireless u300 broadband card), and the first Wi MAX phone available in the USA (the HTC Evo 4G) on 4 June 2010, applying Wi MAX technology from Clearwire Corp.In the USA, T-Mobile is a cellular telecommunications provider.The company owns and operates Sprint, the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the USA after Verizon Wireless and AT&T, with over 48 million customers. In the USA the company is the third largest long distance provider and also owns a majority share in Clearwire, which operates the largest wireless broadband network.The company was renamed in 2005 upon the purchase of Nextel Communications by Sprint Corp.

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