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But as a comedian, having spent a lot of time in all areas of Canada, both with standup and film and television work, I love the audiences up there. So yeah, there are more tour dates coming, but I couldn’t be more excited to take this two-year labour of love and start it up in Canada.

Two things are happening at once, as an audience, they’re excitable and glad to get some fresh entertainment in whatever city.

Comedy is more competitive than I think what most people know or believe. So I kinda feel that it’s a rite of passage, and I’ve taken it with a big dose of humour and not allowed it to dictate the one thing that’s the most important.

Wherever I go, I’m going to walk into a room where there’s thousands of people that just want to have a good time, and get away from it all.

I don’t allow that other negative stuff to impact my day.

A: If anything, it was always about expanding everything — my vocabulary, my abilities on stage.

The politics is not so much my field, but just the perspective and the strong opinions.A: This is my 26th year doing standup comedy, maybe 20 years professionally, consistently.The rigmarole of the routine is you go home, you work on the new set in small clubs in New York or Los Angeles, maybe a few gigs on the road.Maybe starting out as a performer with a bit of writing that was bombastic, and youthful, and then when I hit my 30s, I started reading more. I’ve definitely changed a lot, and I see that the demographic in my audience is wider, and that’s exciting.I was more into self-actualizing and self-reflection, becoming more of a lover of language and, dare I say, a verbologist in some ways, and using more tools to tell greater stories. If there’s a great take on something sexual, or something that might be a little more lascivious, I’m gonna take it on, but there’s never been malice. But I think part of what people enjoy is I’ll push it.

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