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Unlike the other regulars, she is not actually based in Ashfordly, though she appears to live nearby, but becomes involved from time to time (and with increasing frequency in Series Seventeen and Eighteen, in which Clare Wille is credited as a main cast member) in particularly serious cases that the Ashfordly police are dealing with, or when the officers are themselves being investigated for alleged misconduct.Originally she was sometimes portrayed as a slightly interfering character, dismissing theories put forward by her juniors that later prove to be correct, but is now presented more as a respected colleague.In Series Eighteen she began an affair with PC Joe Mason immediately after Mason split up with girlfriend Nurse Cassidy.She has been confirmed as being the only female sergeant in the North Riding CID, though to date her gender not been seen as an issue and she seems to be generally accepted in her role by both CID and uniformed officers.In the second series, George was assisted by his niece Gina Ward who became the pub licensee after his death between the sixth and the seventh series.Former Sergeant Oscar Blaketon later became the pub's owner, and he and Gina subsequently ran the pub jointly, assisted from time to time by members of Gina's family.

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This is not a woman who has had to claw her way to the top through sheer ambition and ruthlessness however – Rachel has earned her stripes with a disarming combination of skill, authority and easy-going camaraderie.

Otherwise, the small contingent of regulars appears able to provide a continuous 24-hour service for the whole area, with someone always available to respond to any call-out at any time of the day or night.

It is something of a tradition that Aidensfield doctors should die in the series.

Clare Wille (born 1973, Bucklow, Cheshire, England) is an English stage and television actress.

Clare has been working as an actress and voiceover artist since graduating from RADA in 1997.

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