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We are a progressive online dating agency, which accepts credit card payments, thus immediately enabling you to go to Live Chat and start having fun.Order your subscription and have fun, find a pretty girlfriend or even the One - your life partner.But eyewitnesses, who were present for the procedure, could not believe their eyes when the doctor began removing live maggots.

People with aural myasis might experience buzzing in their ear and notice smelly discharge, and it can cause deafness.

Netizen 'Rakhmet' said: 'This is the most disgusting thing I ever saw.

Could they have eaten his brain if they were not taken out in time?

The maggots, each about one centimetre long, are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or blow fly (Calliphoridae).

If left untreated, they could have burrowed into his brain and killed him, medical literature states.

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