Adventure camp for adults

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Offering sailing or social memberships, there is something for everyone at “Your Cottage in the City”. River Quest is an initiative created and launched by the Aquatarium with partners who represent the best visitor experiences from Cornwall, Ontario to Massena & Sackets Harbor, NY to Kingston, Ontario.Plan your visit to the 1000 Islands Region by taking a Quest with us!

Sing-alongs, talent show, plant prints, terrarium building, cooking, shelter building, lanterns, poetry, freestyle rapping, book binding, friendship bracelets, music, charcoal drawing, dance party and more. If you’d like we can securely store your technology for the duration of camp. We’ll provide six healthy and filling meals, some drinks in the evening and lots of snacks. Your counselors want to play kickball and write poetry.We believe in fun and in keeping the summer camp spirit of community and play in our lives. There are creeks and paths and memories and new friendships that last a lifetime. Adults of all genders, colors, ages, sexualities, personalities, backgrounds and experiences are welcome. Don’t worry, we’ll have great photographers and a number people back home can call in an emergency. Exceptions may be made for people with specific dietary needs. If you want to get wasted and play flip cup all day, this isn’t the camp for you. Not feed you orange slices and wait for you to come down.We’re not here to fix you, cleanse you or launch you. We’re here to be at summer camp, a place to relax, adventure and connect. We’re looking forward to you joining us in creating a caring and fun community. If you want to step away and go for a quiet walk in the woods or take a nap by the lake, please do. If you break this rule we must eject you from camp.Villas are complete with air-conditioning for comfort, plus a cleaning service to maintain the bathrooms.Safety and Security: Our campus is completely safe and secure with 24-hour security and a full medical staff.

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