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He built there a monastery dedicated to the icon St.

George the Victorious, which he carried with him all the way from the land of Ukraine.

The legend says that the holy cloisters existence may have been closely related to the name of the hermit Ivan Rilski, who had settled in one of the caves in the Varovitets region before choosing solitude life in Rila.

Nevertheless, the local people of Etropole declared the place holy and laid the foundations of the present-day monastery. Trinity monastery was one of the biggest literacy centres at Bulgarian lands in XVI and XVII century as the popular Etropole calligraphic and art school was established there. George the Victorious was established in the middle of 13th century by the Ukrainian prince Glozh who settled in the area of the present village Glozhene with the permission of the Bulgarian king Ivan Assen II.

The Klisura Monastery offers accommodation at reasonable prices.

monastery details The Aladzha rock monastery is situated only a few kilometers south of the Riviera Holiday Club sea resort and 2 km of Golden Sands seaside resort. At present, the remains of 20 residential premises and three churches, which were cut out on two levels in the almost 40-meter high limestone rock and connected via an external staircase dug into the rocks, will fascinate the visitor.

It is famous for its limestone base due to the limestone with which the monasterys church was built.

Nowadays the monastery is not functioning and it consists of 20 small rock churches, chapels, monks' cells, hewn into the rocks of the picturesque canyon of Roussenski Lom river. Nikola" lies at the foot of the Elena Balkan on the banks of the Vesselina river.

The Kapinovo Monastery was established in 1272 during the reign of the king Konstantin Assen-Tih(Quiet) (1257-1277).

It is believed that the monastery was a part of the group of monasteries which arose in 14th and 15th century around Sofia.

monastery details Dryanovo monastery St Archangel Michael is situated in the picturesque gorge of Dryanovo River , 4km away from the town of Dryanovo, 14km away from Gabrovo and 24km away from the historical town of Veliko Turnovo.

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